Meaningful Mindfulness Newcastle

Moonlight Mindfulness your opportunity to relax, be yourself and experience the calm and stillness of mindfulness with Bren Murphy from MindBodyCalm - Mindfulness Newcastle.

At King Edward Park, 13 March from 6pm - at the top of King Edward Park.  Seated on the very top of the lookout, you get to experience the full scope of the horizon - which is perfect positioning for the end of the mindfulness experience where the moon appears to emerge from the ocean.

This moon cycle is based on the polarities of black and white - work versus play - helpful versus unhelpful thoughts.  We have been trained to see things as opposites and in conflict with each other - as though the world is a confrontational place where opposites are adversaries.  but this in fact is not true.

It's more likely that the whole universe is part of a unified whole - resembling a circle or spectrum - so that the more extreme the opposites, the more similar they become.

Join me, Bren Murphy on a journey into mindfulness and explore what might be your first Full Moon event - Moonlight Mindfulness.

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Mindfulness Courses in Newcastle NSW

Wellness Walks in Newcastle hosted by Bren Murphy of Mindfulness Newcastle and

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Each day of the week we practice a different mindfulness experience at a different location across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

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Join us on the Mindfulness Newcastle Meetup.

Mindfulness is a practice of exploring your senses and experience without judgement or comparison.

You are welcome to come along and share in mindfulness with the group.  It's a powerful expression of self care, healing and Mindfulness.

You can join us at Newcastle MindBodyCalm and Mindfulness Meditation Newcastle.

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Wordpress Website Hosting

Designing a site is one thing but the genuine difficulty is making it practical and keeping mobile user requires in mind. Therefore, designers shouldn't make the website to simply be discovered but also make it a medium through which the service can connect with clients.

Nevertheless, while there are many sites that look visually appealing they frequently lack functionality. There is little utility to such sites and they are truly simply contributing to the clutter online.
Newcastle Wordpress Web Hosting
Wordpress Web Hosting

Is your website one of them?

It can in some cases be difficult to tell if your website is well developed and practical or simply looks excellent. To truly tell the difference takes some professional competence however there are some things that even an amateur can evaluate and resolve so regarding make sure that the design is the very best it can be.

In this post I'll outline 10 typical manner ins which websites drop and the easy things that anybody can do to fix those problems quick, which is what we offer at

No search box

The web is often referred as the gold mine of details. Whether you manage an individual blog site or a business website, individuals always search for a search box for finding particular details. Supplying a search box will improve your customer's experience as they will have the ability to search for the specific material they're looking for in an efficient manner.

Including a search function is simple but can help your readers browse your site and, much more importantly, assists to keep them on your site.

An untidy homepage

Generally designers, in an effort to display maximum imagination, pack the homepage of sites with a plenty of unneeded things. Less is truly more in this context of site style. Make sure you are not putting too numerous elements on your website's home page and prevent making it appear chaotic.

Irritating navigation

When finding links become hard, buttons lack exposure or are not positioned properly it becomes very annoying for visitors. To improve the company website design newcastle and navigation of your website, you have to synchronize intuitiveness with logic in addition to fundamental common sense.

Let your visitors find everything they need with easy-to-use navigation bars. Make sure that you are not making your navigation too flashy by including a lot of images and noise. This is what we look for at Mindfulness Newcastle.  Ensure you identify your navigation with correct textual descriptions and streamline your site's navigation in a way that matches the style of your website.

Improper content

The material of a website plays a really important function in driving traffic and often your website will discover success or failure depending on the structure of your content. Some designers do not discover it crucial to highlight the essential headings, subheadings, and disregard the significance of numbered lists, bullets, as well as keywords.

Designating pages an appropriate title offers users a precise concept about the area of the site they are exploring. What's more, if you post irrelevant material on your website it will not draw in prospective clients and you'll soon see your website plunge downwards in search engine rankings. Update your website's content in a tactical way.

Confusing user interface

It's nice to show your imagination but being overly innovative can be harmful for your website. Some designers build a range of aspects for every single web page of their website. This can end up being incredibly complicated and aggravating for visitors. Regardless of how outstanding your website is, if its overall feel and look doesn't seem constant to the users they will not have the ability to associate with it.

Therefore, it is better to make use of a consistent template for each page providing links well-connected to the main section of the site. Whether it is keywords or total style, everything must be visually basic so that consumers won't feel confused on arrival to your site.

Poor readability

There are some sites that make usage of complex font styles and sizes and make reading a laborious task. Make usage of colors that work well with your site design.

Non-active calls-to-action

If you desire people to actively engage with your site through downloads, membership, registration, views, sharing, purchasing or be becoming a follower, make sure you have defined the CTAs at the ideal location. Lots of web designers have the tendency to ignore this aspect while designing their site. Keep everything uncomplicated and clear utilizing calls to action appropriately where the site's objective is to compel visitors to action.

Troubling screen resolution

There are many sites that allow you to scroll horizontally however-- to be sincere-- they should not. Sites need to be created to operate successfully on all screen sizes and the horizontal scrolling that works perfectly on a 17-inch desktop renders poorly on a 5-inch smartphone.

Hypnosis Personal Coaching Bren Murphy

Life Coach Newcastle
Bren Murphy Hypnosis Newcastle 1300 084 004

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Live Alcohol Free Book

 Live Alcohol Free EBook

Hi, My name is Bren.
I struggled for years with drinking and paid a high price with missed opportunities and devastated relationships.

I went from living a rockstar lifestyle, buying and doing up houses - to being the last guy at the pub at closing - to waking up first thing Monday morning and pouring a glass a wine.

I stopped drinking for the final time just on two years ago.  I say for the final time because I quit and then relapsed for about four years before that.

Now, I do yoga four days a week, and this Sunday I compete in my second half marathon.

A crucial part of my recovery was to write a blog and I wrote for the last five years and connected with thousands of readers who are living a similar life.

Tired of drinking and in need of a change.

So, with some encouragement, I wrote my first book.  And then my second.  And I'm on my third right now.

Today, I am giving my 206 page Live Alcohol Free pre-quit program away fro free and I am putting out a genuine call for some fellow members of the 10k Readers to offer a honest, and insightful review.

Corporate Fruit Gifts - Hand Picked Premium Fruit Gift Box

Corporate Gifts for Clients


 Fast Delivery and Free handwritten messages are one of the reasons our bestselling hampers really work for corporate events and occasions.  Best selling hampers make a great first impression with people who are looking for a mixed fruit gift hamper or even a thank you gift hamper.  The idea with hand picked and premium gifts is that people see the quality and superior product first and foremost.

Fresh fruit arrangement in horizontal style

Best Corporate Gifts


One of our most popular hampers is filled with bananas, cherries, apples and pears - but are also artisanal and unique and have that handmade feel.  As on of the leading Australian providores for gourmet and farm gate produce, Hunter Valley Hampers offers a stellar selection of food and wine for all occasions and life events.

Sydney Corporate Gifts and Fruit Hampers delivered

Unique Corporate Gifts


Corporate Gifts can become a bit same same once you have seen the selection of printed pens and USB devices with little long on them.  Imagine the feel good intensity of sharing a whole foods filled with this season's fruit and delivered on time.  Business Gift Products and Promotional Gifts are essential to make a lasting impression across your business contacts and acquaintances.  People like to know that things are working and that people are appreciated.

Cupcake and Corporate Delivery for promotional gifts

Corporate Gift Baskets


Volume discounts and world wide delivery may not apply at the home of Sydney Fruit Hampers, but one thing you can be assured of is timely delivery by our reliable friends at Fastways.  We now supply one of the largest fleet of delivery vehicles sharing fruit hamper across the Sydney basin.  For affordable corporate gifts and promotional products, try something fresh and seasonal like a delicious edible fruit basket.

Corporate Gift Hampers


Corporate Gifts in Sydney are especially popular at this time of year as giving and recieving a quality lasting gift can be one of the most memorable things that might occur in your short corporate life.  Being sacked, let go, retrained on a different pay rate - it all comes down to the idea of losing work and being made redundant.  In Newcastle Hampers, we don't like to do that.  Instead, we choose Newcastle Fruit Baskets.

Corporate Gift Boxes


As a Gourmet Gift Box, there is just something special about seeing the look in the little one's eyes as you drop her off to childcare the first time - that look of abandonment, despair and utter fear as you turn and walk fearlessly back to your corporate job in Sydney CBD.

Choosing a corporate Gift Hamper should be that simple, you laugh. And yet, it can be - you just need to look outside the basket and choose a Hunter Valley Hamper.

Corporate Gift Ideas


Christmas Hampers 2014

Way back in 1988, Hunter Valley Hampers started with Charity Christmas hampers for corporate and business to business gifts.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Since then, we have sold tens of thousands of hampers and our business enjoys an enviable reputation both in Australia and Overseas.  Each Christmas we ship gourmet hampers across Australia for delivery as Christmas presents, and it is a privilege we don't take lightly. 

We are still just as thrilled to receive an order for Christmas Gift baskets  in 2014 as we were back in 1988 - and we can proudly say we pay as much attention to detail and the little things that go into making your Christmas that bit extra special as we did back then.

Gourmet Hampers Australia

Just last year we celebrated our twenty fifth Christmas - and it has been an amazing journey watching the business evolve to the position it enjoys today.  From a hobby through a sheltered workshop and then back into our hands, Hunter Valley Hampers is an established authority brand when it comes to Christmas Hampers in Australia.

Hi, My name is Brendan and with my wife Kacy we own and operate Hunter Valley Christmas Hampers from the Hunter Valley wine country in New South Wales.  We'd love the opportunity to share with you and your colleagues, workmates and staff the delights that the Hunter Valley has on offer.  But first, I'd like to share with you three things that we offer that you might not find anywhere else when you are looking to buy Christmas hampers in 2014.

1- Handmade to Order

Every single gift basket and hamper we sell each Christmas is hand assembled to order.  We work along the lines of a restaurant - where once you place your order we get to work making your hampers exactly as specified - so if you want your steak medium rare - or in our case with the hampers you want a particular relish in place of the balsamic - it's not a problem to replace the product as we put it together. 

It's something that might make it take a bit longer to make - but we know you appreciate the attention to detail and personal service that goes into every single hamper we make.  (You won't see this at the bigger, corporate hamper businesses, where the pre-made hampers have often been sitting ready for shipping for months.)

2- We're Here for You

Here's how it works - if you pick up the phone right now and dial 1300 284 684 - guess what - you'll talk direct to either myself or Kacy, my wife.  Just like that!  We don't have layers of admin  stopping your call - so you can talk direct with the business owner to get exactly what you want!  Try it right now - see for yourself!

3 - Local and Regional and Australian Made

Since way back we have had a strong preference for supporting local independent businesses - just like ourselves.  You won't find ordinary, supermarket stuff in our hampers!  It such a massive point of difference - like who would really want some crackers you can buy at Coles in a Christmas Hamper? 

I remember talking about this with a customer and the customer said something like - "So you're going to put a packet of biscuits in the hamper and then ship it halfway across Australia - only for me to open it and see a product I can go buy myself down at the local shops?" It just doesn't make sense! 

Keep this in mind when you are looking at our competition out there - you'll notice decided plain bottles of plonk you probably wouldn't want to even cook with - let alone share with your valued friends at Christmas!  It's all about getting the moment right and making an impression of quality, abundance and

4 - Here's the final point - and the most important one

Ever since the beginning a hamper has been a symbol of plenty, of abundance and of sharing.  It just doesn't make sense that you can get a hamper for say, under $100 and adequately convey that feeling of generosity and giving when you are looking at such a low price-point.  It just doesn't make the hamper look good - it does it a real disservice to be seen as something budget and affordable. 

In the olden days a hamper was a big hulking thing crammed to bursting with all sorts of condiments and treats and food - and that is the very nature of what we are trying to share with you at Hunter Valley Hampers.

So here's to a Merry Christmas and making a meaningful and generous impression with your recipients.  And from all of us at Hunter Valley Hampers - the makers, the artisans, the handmade, the providores - please enjoy our products and all the best for the season and the New Year.!!